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16 July 2017 @ 11:54 am
After Objects In Space  
It wasn't Kaylee. Not really. It was a show. A little piece of her had been lost that day and
weren't gonna be coming back. No matter how much everyone expected to. It was as she'd said herself. Somethings get broke and you can't fix 'em.

Trouble was there was only so long as well before parts of it all had to be faced.

"Our lil' Kaylee's jus' fine." The Cap'n turned to her and she gave him her best smile back. "See."

"Don't need to go fussin' over me." Which was true. Kaylee didn't want fuss. Didn't want anyone
to start worrying about her. They had enough as it was. Inara hadn't seemed so convinced. But
she moved on. Simon was easy enough distracted. A mention of River and Kaylee was
forgotten. Made her more than a little sad when she dwelled upon it but it was useful. River was best avoided for the time. When she had little excuse not to, she just kept herself focused on little things that needed immediate attention. Give River no reason to go pry. Wash and Zoë were reassured mostly by Wash providing distraction to Zoë. Quickly Kaylee made her excuses to retreat away from the table to sit on the walkway above the cargo bay. Thankful it wasn't her turn to do dishes or tidy after their meal.

She sat with her legs dangling over the edge for a little while until the creeping voice in the back of her head told her that was a stupid way to sit. If he came behind her she wouldn't be able to run. He'd just drag her backwards because she wouldn't be able to drop over the edge in time… If she did that, what would happen? Sprained ankle? Broken leg? Worse...

Quickly she moved back and tucked her legs under her. That didn't last long either. More thoughts started creeping in. All just as dark. Not like the sunshine they expected.

Kaylee pulled herself to her feet, not paying full attention to where she was walking so when she saw the hatch to the engine room she stopped dead. She couldn't hear anyone else but still all she could bring herself to do is peer around the door anxiously. It looked exactly as she'd left it when Inara had been there with her. The hammock inviting. The room warm and familiar little noises of Serenity’s heart settling down for the night cylcle.

She wanted to take the step inside but it was like she was being held back. Maybe she should just go back to her own bunk but something was stopping her from doing that too.
Kaywinnet Lee "Kaylee" Frye
12 July 2017 @ 11:19 pm
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Kaywinnet Lee "Kaylee" Frye
18 May 2017 @ 11:54 pm
[from here]

Are you tryin' to make me blush? She sent the message then sat there a moment trying not to actually blush or laugh before heading to find him, which wasn't much of a problem given she knew where he was going to be.
Kaywinnet Lee "Kaylee" Frye
04 January 2016 @ 10:26 pm
Simon's in for a surprise. (for [personal profile] osirian_doctor)  
The cat had found her really, that was the way she was going to tell it to everyone. She'd only stopped to say hello and give a few scritches. It wasn't that often she got to say hello to a kitten that was actually friendly. The one that was now following her because of her briefly stopping to say hello. She looked over her shoulder again and saw that she still had her shadow. What was Simon going to think?

She paused as she opened the door to look back at the cat again. "You better hope Simon ain't allergic." She sighed. "C'mon." Stepping aside to keep the door open she laughed as the cat ran in ahead of her and started to explore right away.

"Don't go breakin' anythin'!" At least nothing that was Simon's.
Kaywinnet Lee "Kaylee" Frye
02 September 2015 @ 10:52 pm
It's strange being back on Serenity after so long away. At least it feels so long away, she isn't exactly sure how long it's been for the rest of them. It's a little awkward and odd but Serenity is home and that feeling isn't so long gone. Her girl is welcoming but it still don't mean she can get away without explaining a few things. But Kaylee is gonna try her best to get away with that as long as can.

The main thing is the lack of space. A hyperactive 18 month old can't go running about so much on board the ship. Though he's got a lot more folk to keep him entertained and new things to learn. Even if the Cap'n ain't all that pleased with the littlest crew member. Not forgetting that his title will soon be replaced when the new one turns up. That brings a whole mess of problems in itself. Which was where she was then staring at the bunk. She'd managed to forget just how small it was. If she got much bigger, she was going to give up for a while and start sleeping in the spare shuttle. Not that she weren't glad to be home.
Kaywinnet Lee "Kaylee" Frye
19 May 2015 @ 10:40 pm
Kaylee's folk's lived a little way out from the main dock. The house wasn't all that grand but it certainly looked like a family home. They did have some land surrounding them which included a barn that doubled up as a garage and workshop away from their main one next to the dock. There was a vegetable patch along side the garden that looked to be better tended to than the flower beds. Not that they weren't well kept. Finally to the end of their land was a river. One that made its way through town eventually. There were a couple of pastures where the livestock could graze.

As they got closer down the track leading up to the house Kaylee wasn't sure if it was nerves or just excitement at being home and having Jayne along with her. She'd got the impression from the time her momma had written to her that her folks were going to make it a big party. That meant there would be an impressive amount of food and drink. Even Jayne would have trouble getting through it all. Along with Kaylee's momma and daddy there were her four brothers, both sisters, nephews, nieces, aunts, uncles and cousins of various degrees. So it was probably just shy of inviting the whole damn moon out to there. Kaylee was certain would have happened if her momma got her way about it.

There was a wave from a shadow on the the front porch. Kaylee waved back. Maybe she was a little nervous herself as she walked up the dirt road that led up to the house. It had been a good while since she'd stepped foot on the moon and been home. Though it didn't look like a whole lot had actually changed. Which she was thankful for, sure the kids had shot up like some of the weeds that grew out there and she was sure there were a couple more faces she didn't recognize. Small and older. She frowned at the idea of her momma not telling her about any of their kin who got married.

When they got up closer to the house Kaylee could make out that it was her brother Dan that had been out on the front. "Where's momma?" Kaylee called out to him and his reply was just to point inside. No such luck in hoping that she could be round the back or outside so she could avoid the only slightly organized chaos that made up the Frye house. "Daddy?" Another gesture inside. They were waiting, or Dan had been told that he had to direct them inside. Kaylee did notice her brother's curious look at Jayne. She didn't introduce them, there would be time for that later.

Without even going inside Kaylee knew what she was going to find. Folk everywhere. Kids running through everyone and stepping on toes. She remembered chasing her cousins around at a few parties when she was little. Then later sneaking off trying to get some quiet when the neighbors would turn up to join the party as well bringing their sons along, momma never turned them away she liked them, even if daddy didn't exactly like the boys making eyes at his youngest. Then the youngest not helping things by sneaking off with one of them. Somewhere there would be music playing inside. The doors out to the back porch would be wide open and gamma along with a few of the older ones of the family would be sat out there in the shade until it got cool in the dusk. There would be some sort of fire going through the day which they built up more in the coming evening. (Some things didn't change, there had been plenty of times on Serenity when they'd sat around a fire until late in the evening or early in the morning depending on how you looked at it. Wash and Zoe heading off first usually, the rest of them finding their way back to the ship eventually.)

One thing they did do a little different on the Frye land was they'd get all the lights in the trees lit up, someone would find the guitar to play. That's how it would be until everyone had eaten everything they possibly could, even then there would be leftovers, then passed out drunk where it was comfortable. In some cases not so much. You just had to step over some folk.

Kaylee hoped the tree house was still there. There had been a fair few times when she'd told her momma that she was going to live up there. Until either it started to rain, get cold, or one of those siblings of hers tried to join her. Then usually she'd go running into her momma.

None of that would happen though. Not unless she walked through that front door and made it into a reality. Kaylee was so glad Jayne was with her.

"You ready then?"

Kaylee tugged at her dress again, unusually self-conscious about the way she looked. She knew folk would be looking at her. Jayne. Them. So her rules were: no resting her hand on her bump, no alcohol (no matter how tempting that was), keeping things mostly polite and civil with Jayne as long as possible, so holding hands and kissing was just fine. But most important of all was making sure momma and daddy knew first about the surprise. That meant keeping Jayne close. That could be a challenge. Kaylee had a panicked moment thinking of all the horrific things her man could say to her daddy. Momma was going to be fine, but daddy, well Kaylee was still his little Kaylee-bug and little girl. There were things he just didn't need to know. Ever. Things her brothers could get protective over. She was going to make sure the party didn't end because of some fight. Well, not a fight involving Jayne. The rest of the family... that was up for debate.
Kaywinnet Lee "Kaylee" Frye
28 February 2015 @ 12:24 am
[Personal Log] For Annie.  
Kaylee loved coming to sit and eat in ten forward. She could people watch there. People meant stories and she loved those. On top of that she could see the stars. Back on Serenity she used to wait til the others had gone to sleep sometimes grab a couple of blankets, make herself a hot drink and go sit up in the cockpit. Just watching the stars. Seeing the steam trail away from her mug as the rest of the ship cooled off during the night cycle while all the sleeping quarters were kept warm still.

But this wasn't her girl, somehow this ship didn't seem to sleep. Nightmares and sleeping at all sorts of odd times meant that she'd learned more about the ship. She still missed her girl. The engine room, hammock, and the fairy lights. As well as the books she'd bought for Simon she'd got a few for herself, the serious technical ones were still on the shelf, she was reading something a little more questionable and giggling as she did.
Kaywinnet Lee "Kaylee" Frye
22 February 2015 @ 11:04 pm
[Personal Log] Valentine's Day  
Valentines day just so happened to also be Kaylee's birthday. She lay in bed for a while just staring upwards. She wasn't exactly sure what she should do. If she should do anything. Things with Simon hadn't really gone anywhere but they'd thankfully not gone backwards. They were still stuck. Fine one moment then he'd go and open his mouth to which the wrong words came out.

Kaylee knew what he was like. Knew that she shouldn't really take offence at whatever he was saying but sometimes it was just hard. Sometimes she knew it was her that made it worse than it was. She looked over at the shelf and saw the books that she'd got for Simon. Maybe it didn't mean that much to him and she should just give him one of them, save the rest for his birthday. Though his birthday was not such a good day to remember. The time they'd all nearly died. She sighed, thinking how great it was to bring that back up.

Finally she sat up. She'd find something better for his birthday. Happier than a few books he might not even like. She got the replicator to make her a nice red ribbon and she tied it around the books. Still in her pajamas's she went to sneak them into his side of their quarters. Maybe she'd be lucky and have missed him going out to the sickbay already.
Kaywinnet Lee "Kaylee" Frye
09 May 2014 @ 06:44 pm
[Contact Post]  
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04 June 2013 @ 09:19 pm
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